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Laser Cutting and Engraving
With our high speed laser cutter we can cut or engrave intricate shapes or patterns in a variety of materials, including most plastics, wood, MDF, card, paper, leather, fabrics, etc. We can then spray the finished product any colour you like.
Kamal Models Pvt. Ltd. specialise in the production of architectural models for property developers and homeowners. Building scale models is our passion, so whatever your requirements we can help you to develop and realise your vision. Our skilled model makers will work with you every step of the way to create stunning scale models of your property development.

We can create individual house models, models of famous buildings, classic architectural models or full blown residential, commercial and retail property models for planning applications, regeneration schemes or sales and marketing purposes. Completed scale models are finished to your exact specifications or we can supply diy model kits for self-assembly.