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Laser Cutting and Engraving
With our high speed laser cutter we can cut or engrave intricate shapes or patterns in a variety of materials, including most plastics, wood, MDF, card, paper, leather, fabrics, etc. We can then spray the finished product any colour you like.
About Us
We came into being in the year 1995. With our professional experience and special expertise in creating Landscaping, Architectural, Interior, Cut Sectional, Industrial, Engineering and Exhibition Models providing for precisely accurate, highly detailed specifications for our esteemed Architects, Construction Firms, Real Estate and Property Developers of repute and standing.

We create all types, sizes and scales of most spectacular, effective and self-explanatory models. Whenever your goal is a study, presenting your design to the customer or local authorities, sales or financing institutions, our specified scale model fits every strategy and serves the best. Only physical architectural model can effectively display how the project on completion will REALLY look from outside or within the context. The very magic that is hidden in models wakes a child in your most skeptical competitors and will turn him or her into excited follower. Also, in many cases the model is the ONLY WAY to present your design - there are many people that simply are not able to understand from two-dimensional drawings and even with other illustrations.

No doubt, building of scale models is time and effort consuming, mostly manual process which requires rare skills, experience and knowledge of materials and technology. Therefore scale models cost dearly. However, not only the investment in model is justified by spectacular effect and success in your project's marketing, also the very fact that you are investing in scale model will prove to your competitors that you truly believe in your idea and it's success.

Speaking of technology, we could not survive only merely relying on skills of our highly trained and experts crew. We have at our disposal fully equipped highly precision machine shop, vacuums forming, rapid prototyping capacities and Laser Cutting.